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Pinterest is the biggest opportunity for eCommerce that not many people are taking advantage of. If you are frustrated with how Facebook, Instagram and Google are performing, you need to explore Pinterest.

If you need help building a brand, check out our site and send us a note. We’d love to connect.

Looking down the pipe and planning for what is next is absolutely crucial to grow. At Focus Funnels, we help brands grow. Focusfunnels.com

Gratitude opens our awareness and our hearts to become better humans. Gratitude also allows us to look deeper at who we are as humans and in that process, embrace new beginnings. What are you grateful for?

I just got back from Magic in Las Vegas and I walked away with 3 major lessons. These lessons apply no matter what industry you are in.. check them out. Does anyone have other insights? Do you agree with point #3?

Focus Funnels is a team of dedicated eCommerce professionals that help brands grow online. We have a set of principles and strategies that allow brands to expand their revenue and customer base every month.

When we own the facts in our life and stop living in a fantasy, we become powerful. Facts allow us to recognize the truth and then improve it. Fantasy is nothing more than living inside lies that keep you from moving past whatever challenges you’re facing. Own the facts and you own your future.

USP = Unique Selling Point. Have we taken the time to truly understand what makes our product unique? How your product or service helps people solve their challenges is crucial to any effective marketing.

As adults, we forget our first attempts at anything new are going to be awful. We forget that progression and growth are built on repeated efforts and slow improvement. Our ONLY path way to fail is if we STOP. Like a baby- keep trying until you get it.