eCommerce Strategies

4 LOW COST Ways To Boost Website Conversions

Zachary Long
May 14, 2019

Let’s face it, every website can be improved. But not all improvements need the skilled (expensive) hand of a developer to implement.

In fact, most websites can be improved for under $100!

Ready for us to save you $5k+?

Before you go hiring someone to develop a new site, try these simple site optimization tactics out!

Reviews, Reviews, REVIEWS

We can’t express the importance of this one more. Shoppers on your site value reviews just as much as you do when you’re shopping online.

You’ll be surprised how many brands don’t have reviews on their site. Which always does more harm than good. Reviews are your gateway to a better converting site. If you don’t have reviews on your website, you’re probably converting 30% less than you should be. Okay, I made that percentage up, but you I have seen the lift in conversions running ads without reviews vs. with and it’s crazy how much better ads perform.

Do you value reviews before you make a purchase online? Yes, everyone does.

So now the question is, how do I get reviews?

The New Business

If you’re a fresh new brand, the struggle is real. I would send 100+ products out to friends, family and people in your network in exchange for a review on your website. If you don’t have that many people close to you, run an ad online to collect leads that want a free product in exchange for a website review. It’s an investment that will pay for itself.

The Established Business

If your business has already had over 100 orders, use an app that helps you send review requests to past buyers. YotPo is a more expensive app, but does the trick for brands not on Shopify. However if you are on Shopify (The best eCommerce platform in the WORLD), you must use the app Review App. It’s way less expensive than YotPo and does pretty much everything YP does. My favorite feature is the ability for the customer to leave a review directly in the email through a review form. The app posts it right to the product.

Get more reviews by including incentive for them to leave one! 10% off usually does the trick. This can all be automated right in the app.

Lastly, let the app automate review gathering for you. Set it to send a review request 15 - 30 days after their purchase, and watch the reviews roll right in. Boo ya!

Tell Your Story

Buyers value knowing the people behind the brand. When you can bring your story into the quality of your products, you’re gold. This is where you can be yourself, be honest, and let potential customers know who you are and why you’re doing what you’re doing. The more people buy crappy products on Amazon and other sketchy eCommerce sites, the more important a brand story and person behind the brand becomes. Just a simple About Page will do the trick here!

Social Proof

Potential buyers need to know your product is real. They need to see other people using, wearing or holding it. This breaks down the trust barrier, helping customers know you are going to deliver a product when they buy on your site. How do you get this rolling? If you’re just getting started, send your product to 25 people in your network in exchange for a selfie with your product. If you are already established, send an email to past buyers requesting a photo or video review in exchange for a discount on their next purchase.

Answer Questions Before They’re Asked

The faster you answer potential questions, the sooner people will buy. Giving as much info as you can on your product pages. Including an FAQ page with any question someone may ask, while updating with questions you’re finding people commonly ask. And clearly outline your shipping & return policy so people know when they’ll get their item, and how they can return if it’s damaged or doesn’t work.

All in all, before diving into a costly website redesign if you have a good foundation, try these 4 tips to boost conversions!