About Us

Lead by a husband and wife team + an adventurer.
Honesty is our Game
The difference between us and the others, that helps you win.

Let's face it...

Nicolle runs things, but Zack (the husband) & Taylor (the adventurer) combine unstoppable skills that perfectly complement the lady leader. Forming a leadership team of 3 strategists, experts & great minds. Together they run a team of eCommerce experts dedicated to the success of every brand in the Focus Funnels Family.

The beginning...

Nicolle & Zack created Focus Funnels out of a need when businesses in their network asked them to help them grow the same way they were scaling their own business. Realizing the marketing side of eCommerce is more fun for them than all other aspects of running a physical product brand, they went full steam ahead with Focus Funnels. After some time of steady growth, they partnered with Taylor to take the business to new heights.

We Care
We treat your brand as our own, and truly care about YOU.
Long Term Investment
Our time investment in your brand is for the long haul.

Our Mission & Vision

We exist to help entrepreneurs achieve and exceed their goals with their businesses. We have built Focus Funnels with a client list we're proud of, and believe we deliver the best results (and are happiest) when we only work with brands and owners we believe in.


Nicolle & Zack are based in Nashville, Taylor in Santa Cruz, and our team offers tastes of different trendy cities on both Coasts. Tastes that offer a unique take on audiences & content that directly impact our revenue generating campaigns.

What makes us different?

Focused Brands

We work with brands and owners we believe in, it keeps us and everyone happy.

Owners Experience

The foundation of our approach is grounded on running our own eCommerce businesses.

We Truly Care

Seriously, we care. Often times owners become like family, and we're on the journey together.

Blatantly Honest

We hate fluff & especially don't enjoy leading people on. Honesty isn't always easy, but it's best.

Easy To Reach

We talk to most of our brands daily through a chat app (SLACK) or by email. Whichever they prefer.

A Confident Approach

We approach marketing like an owner, not the typical agency. And it works really well.